A modern bladesmith rooted in the old traditions

Blue Ridge Seax

The steel for the blade came from smelting iron ore. The edge and spine steel came from a hematite smelt I did some time ago while I was living in Alabama. The twist bars came from steel made from magnetite ore by Mark Green. The scabbard is made of tooled leather and the metal fittings were fabricated one-by-one using copper plate rolled to different thicknesses and formed to shape, tinned, engraved and patinated to give it an aged look as if it had been used many times. The wood for the handle is Padauk. I am not going to say that it was an easy choice of wood to carve but after I finished it, I was quite happy to see how well it fitted with the rest of the elements of the handle.

I recorded 20 hours of video while I made this blade and put it together in a 2-hour DVD. The DVD takes you on a journey from smelting the ore to finishing the blade and gives you detailed glimpses of all the techniques I used to make the seax. This DVD can be purchased by clicking on the “available” link.

And now to the pictures…