A modern bladesmith rooted in the old traditions

Chimera Seax

This seax represents a blend of styles and materials, hence its name.
The blade is 17 inches overall. 10 and 1/2″ for the cutting edge and 6 and 1/2″ for the handle. A bit over 1 and 1/2″ wide at its swell. A little over 1/4″ thick.
The steel was a mix of old and modern steel. From the spine to the edge there is a stack of a wrought iron straight bar, a torsion bar made from homemade iron smelted from two different ores: a high phosphoric iron ore and high nickel iron ore, another bar of wrought iron with a wolf teeth pattern and a modern piece of 1075 steel for the edge. These different metals were chosen by their properties. The torsion bar made of high P and Ni will create a nice black and white contrast. The wrought iron is softer to deform in order to create the wolf teeth pattern and the 1075 has low manganese and therefore I was able to use clay during the hardening process to create a hamon following the wolf teeth and creating the illusion of the teeth dripping blood.
The handle is again a blend of many materials and traditions. The core wood is African blackwood which has been carved and in-let with bone also carved with representative beasts: a lion, a wild boar and dragons. There are metals 3 metal fittings including a central ring, a ferrule and a butt-cap made from shibuichi, an alloy of silver and copper patinated using the niage solution from the Japanese tradition and all of them are engraved with a vine motif. A tooled leather scabbard completes the blade.