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Lasagna Tanto

I like to call this project “The Lasagna Tanto.” The concept is pieced together from ideas that both Walter Sorrells and I had for awhile and finally put together. I had a bunch of scrap pieces of steel, mostly high carbon and pattern-welded that were remnants from other projects in the past. We wanted to turn this steel into something useful but I did not want to do the usual canned mix with powder steel. So the idea of doing a wafer, like the Japanese teko-gane, came to mind and we set to work. The name lasagna comes from the appearance of the billet after piling up layers of little pieces of steel. I welded the lasagna into a bar and Walter forged it into a tanto. Walter lay down the clay and I quenched the blade. Walter took the blade home and polished it and made a habaki for it then I made the saya. Further information on the making of this blade is here.