A modern bladesmith rooted in the old traditions

Mt. Fuji Katana

This is a W2 steel katana hand-forged in a traditional Japanese style of differential heat treatment to produce a vivid hamon with some utsuri. Nagasa is 27.5 inches.

I immediately fell in love with the concept and tried to bring the Mt. Fuji theme into a tasteful design. All the fittings were made of copper which was patinated using the niage technique based on the use of rokusho. The tsuba is iron with a sukashi design. The iron has been also patinated.

The saya is poplar with many layers of lacquer. The koiguchi has been reinforced with a copper ring to prevent the saya from splitting during noto and to ensure a tighter fit to the habaki less likely to be affected by environmental changes or movement of the wood given the restriction created by the metal.