A modern bladesmith rooted in the old traditions

Redback Twins

I made the steel by pattern-welding three different types of steel, 1095, 1050 and 15N20. The billet was manipulated to create a somewhat organic-looking pattern. The pattern’s light reflection varies greatly from dark to light depending on the angle of the light source.I wanted to incorporate a touch of the Japanese bladesmithing tradition which I follow into this Western-style knife, so I included a “collar” -habaki- made of copper which has been carved in an intricate design of spider web and tree trunk. The guard is an old wrought iron anchor chain link which was forged down and bent to accommodate the shape of the habaki and was given a patina based on copper to match. The handle is made of ebony with a simple carving of a redback spider and is joined to the guard by a zebrawood spacer.