A modern bladesmith rooted in the old traditions

Rosewood Wakizashi

This blade is a hira-zukuri wakizashi made from W2 steel. It has a 17” nagasa. The blade was hand forged and hardened in the traditional Japanese way using a clay-coating to produce a differential heat treatment. This results in a hamon reminiscent of an enraged sea with very visible utsuri after the polish. The saya and tsuka are made from a unique piece of Indian rosewood which grain follows very nicely the curvature of the blade. The saya and tsuka are finished with water buffalo horn. The menuki are made in copper and carved to reflect the theme of metamorphosis or transformation depicting a caterpillar and a butterfly. The tsuba is made from iron and follows the same theme. All copper elements, menuki, kurikata, seppa and habaki have been patinated using the traditional Japanese technique called niage which uses rokusho to turn the copper into a warm brown/orange color.